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  • Teradata Certified Professional Program

  • The Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) now offers three certification tracks covering the features and functionality of the Teradata Database and Teradata Aster. Teradata certifications are designed for all audiences and offer a range of levels, from a novice being introduced to the Teradata Database, to those with experienced job roles, and to those with extensive knowledge and expertise.

    Earning Teradata Certifications will:

    • Showcase your skillset and maximize your competitive advantage
    • Demonstrate dedication to advancing your knowledge and competencies
    • Earn recognition from peers and employers
    • Communicate your accomplishments with a digital badge and certificate
    • Distinguish yourself from those that do not hold a credential

    Teradata Database Certification Track - NEW

    The Teradata Database Certification track enables those interested in careers in database development, database administration and database system architecture to demonstrate competencies and validate their knowledge and experience. Enhance your credibility by successfully passing one or all of the Teradata Database certification exams. Passing a Teradata Database Certification Exam earns you that certification!

    Teradata 14 Certified Professional Program exam tracks  

    Teradata Aster Certification Track

    There is an ever-increasing demand for data skills. The Teradata Aster Certification can showcase your skillset and maximize your competitive advantage in this growing field. Data scientists, DBAs and Analysts alike will benefit from Teradata Aster Certification. Prove your ability to leverage Teradata Aster’s powerful technology to extract value from increasingly complicated streams of data.

    Analytics Track  

    Teradata 14 Certification Track

    The Teradata 14 Certification Track includes exams covering the features and functionality of the Teradata Database 13.0, 13.10 and 14.0 (including SLES 11).

    Earning Teradata 14 certifications provides candidates with exam waivers which enables them to bypass certain Teradata Database Certification exams. This is especially beneficial for those aspiring to be certified on the new Teradata Database Certification track.

    Two Teradata 14 Certifications have been recognized in Certification Magazine’s Salary Survey.  Read about individuals who earned the Teradata 14 Certified Professional and Teradata 14 Certified Technical Specialist certifications.

    Teradata 14 Certified Professional Program exam tracks