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  • Teradata Analytics Framework for Life Sciences

    When You Know More, You Can Do More

    Creating a Data-Driven Advantage in Life Sciences
  • From Insights to Action: The Data-Driven Transformation

    There is great wealth waiting to be tapped within a diverse range of data relating to products, brands, practices, research, compliance, contracting, rebating and drug usage. When life science organizations treat data as a strategic asset, they can transform into analytic-driven leaders, gaining significant advantage within their highly competitive industry.

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    Integrate general ledger information with other system information (clinical, marketing or administrative) and business cost accounting data via accounting hub. Achieve a global view of corporate spend, incorporate spend in go, no-go decisions throughout R&D, optimize marketing mix, right-size inventory levels and find new sources of revenue.

    Shift to a more ‘flow-through’ operating model in support of personalized and precision medicine will increase product complexity requires a ‘pull-driven’, near real-time demand based supply chain that utilizes continuous processing.

    Effectively manage compliance by embracing information systems, strategies, processes and analytics that take into account the wide range of emerging risks and associated regulatory and market-driven pressures, including the changing expectations of stakeholders

    Enable faster, more confident, less risky science by enabling all-data analysis and hypothesis testing in rapid iteration with the latest methods and techniques (including genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, advanced outcome analytics) that results in greater innovation through cross-product and study data integration and analysis as well as integrated analysis of outcomes data to inform upstream and downstream investments and activities

    Provide insights across market access, reimbursement, payer relationships, physician influence, physician preferences and formulary status by bridging all information and correlating it to your sales data to create a payer backbone that delivers insights to inform pull-through strategies, and increase sales by maximizing collaboration between managed care account managers and the field sales force

    Gain a marketing advantage by understanding customer behavior, preferences, experiences, perceptions and outcomes by taking ownership and direct control of all data and market actions that will enable continuous learning, improvements and agile tactical corrections to meet customer and market need. Sales gains increased face time with customers, improved prioritization through greater understanding of its customers, and the capability to improve targeting via more complete customer profiles. Marketing gains improved, real-time understanding of what messages are working, while customers receive a much more bespoke experience with information tailored to their requirements via whichever channels they deem to be most convenient

    Data Driven Finance
    Supply Chain Management
    Regulatory & Compliance Reporting
    Research & Development
    mHealth Biometrics Analytics
    Data Driven Consumer Engagement
    When You Know More, You Can Do More
    Data Driven
    Supply Chain
    Regulatory &
    Compliance Reporting
    Research &
    Sales &
    When You
    Know More,
    You Can
    Do More
    Discover, Develop
    & Manufacture
    Drugs, Biologics,
    Safety & Outcomes
    Sales / Marketing
    for Prescribers,
    Payers & Patients /
    Supply Chain,
    Bring Safe,
    Effective Treatments
    to Market Quickly
    Maximize Product
    Optimize Supply
    Maintain Profitable

    The Analytics Advantage

    Teradata helps companies unlock the potential of diverse customer and business data, so they can do more of what really matters, better and faster. New, innovative capabilities can impact areas throughout the enterprise.

    Through these unique and powerful analytics, newfound knowledge can be applied in meaningful ways to deliver significant value in four primary areas:

    Bring Effective Treatments to Market Quickly

    There’s an ongoing need for faster science with lower risk. Advanced analytics facilitate immediate data access, enabling accelerated analysis and hypothesis testing in rapid iteration using the latest methods and techniques (including genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, outcomes research and advanced scientific analytics).

    Maximize Product Success

    Gain sales and marketing advantage by more precisely understanding your payer, prescriber and patient behaviors, preferences, and perceptions to align with more logical, predicted outcomes. Optimized commercial operations enable closed-loop marketing that can maximize programs to ensure prescriber compliance and patient adherence.

    Maintain Profitable Growth

    Unite global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems to leverage more insightful, swiftly accessible analytics to support financial consolidation and reporting, general ledger (GL), and supplier spend. The result is an integrated, up-to-date view of product profitability, as well as a complete understanding of global spend in procurement to optimize the process and select high performance suppliers.

    Optimize Manufacturing and the Supply Chain

    In the not too distant future, supply chains must be optimized to enhance affordability and availability for patients and healthcare providers and will require a more pull driven, near real-time demand based supply chain. Full supply chain visibility, including supplier management, two-way batch traceability, and track and trace through distribution, plus the analysis of manufacturing quality, cost of scrap, capital investments, inventory analytics, and more, delivers global manufacturing efficiencies.

    Tap Into the Teradata Advantage

    The Teradata Life Sciences Analytics Framework enables Life Sciences organizations to bring effective treatments to market quickly, maximize product success, help maintain profitable growth, and optimize both the manufacturing and the supply chain.

    Teradata’s Life Sciences next generation framework of capabilities are built upon the world’s leading analytic data platform ecosystem, marketing and analytic applications, and consulting services. Our integrated solutions are engineered to analyze massive amounts of data in microseconds, yet designed for everyday use by the broadest constituency of business users.

    Do More – Faster, With Expert Guidance

    Teradata Services includes best in class business consulting, technology and implementation, and customer support services that can be uniquely tailored to your business strategy, initiatives and best practices. Teradata experts can help your organization discover new insights by helping to unlock the hidden value of your data.

    Industry Leading Data-Driven Applications

    Teradata Applications help empower the world’s leading companies to create data-driven customer experiences, integrated insights with interactions and architect better customer experiences, help make organizations more agile, execute timely and targeted campaigns and centralize data management, enabling organizations to transform data into actionable insights.

    Data Models

    Teradata Data Models enables organizations to unleash their expertise and knowledge. Solution Modeling Building Blocks provide business friendly access to integrated data, while helping to accelerate access layer design with pre-built semantic data models and building blocks. Data Integration Roadmaps leverage industry expertise for identifying cross functional benefits of integrated data. Business focused Industry Data Models provide a customer proven blueprint for an integrated data platform by bringing together valuable business information that delivers a single, consistent view of customer activity and operational efficiency. Built on a Unified Modeling Framework that allows integration of common business processes across all industries.

    Master Your Data Within a Single Architecture

    Teradata Unified Data Architecture leverages the complementary value of best-in-class technologies from Teradata, Teradata Aster, and open source Apache™ Hadoop. It empowers every pre-approved decision-maker across your organization to ask any question, against any data, with any analytic, at any time. Fast and flexible deployment. Built upon open standards.

    Teradata helps many of the world’s most successful life sciences companies transform data into insights, which leads to amazing outcomes. For more information, visit teradata.com.