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What Thought Leaders say About IoT

Top Trends and Big Ideas about the IoT and AoT

Insights and Recommendations to Help Put IoT Data to Work for the Business

IoT attracts big thinkers and bold innovators. Keeping up with top IoT ideas and IoT trends, as well as research into the future of IoT, pays off with the discovery of big ideas and actionable insights. This includes the scale of IoT data needed and how that data can be combined with other types of data to help the business achieve its objectives.

As you'll see, these thought leaders acknowledge that sensor data is hard to manage (because it’s so large and comes in so fast) and offers some value by itself. The higher payback comes from combining sensor data with corporate information, including supply chain, inventory, customer profiles and pricing data. So, yes, the IoT changes everything. But only if businesses have focused action plans for making IoT data highly relevant and useful to the business analysts and data scientists.

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An Executive Perspective: The Business Value from Analytics of Things

Why should business executives care about IoT? Noted analyst and educator Dr. Richard Hackathorn offers IoT lessons from eight companies across several industries. His guidance includes executive-level recommendations for leveraging Analytics of Things (AoT) and assimilating IoT applications into their IT architecture and corporate culture.

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The Road to Full IoT Value: How to Get Past Short-Term Thinking

The IoT's unprecedented and full promise have yet to materialize. Why? Niall O'Doherty of Teradata and Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT argues that short-term thinking is to blame. Only when businesses consider the broad impact of IoT and AoT as strategic enterprise necessities can they begin to harness the full economic value of smart grids, sophisticated supply chains and other intelligent systems.

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What is the value of IoT?

"This new product data is valuable by itself, yet its value increases exponentially when it is integrated with other data, such as service histories, inventory locations, commodity prices, and traffic patterns."

Dr. Michael Porter, Harvard Business Review, How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies, Sept 30, 2015

The Internet of Things in Transportation

Gerhard Kress, Director of Mobility Data Services at Siemens, explains how the IoT and predictive AoT ensure operational availability and more efficient maintenance.

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Blogs & Articles

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Hint: prepare the culture and clarify the business case first.

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Capabilities You'll Need

How to up your game with regard to IoT data management and analytics.

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5 Things You May Not Know

Simple and easy Internet of Things ideas to save time and money with sensor data.

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What is IoT

Analytics of Things does the "thinking" on Internet of Things data to make it useful and actionable.

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