Technical Video

Vantage Analyst with Michael Riordan

Pursuing innovation and realizing business value with advanced analytics are key missions of business analysts. Vantage Analyst puts the power of Vantage, a leading analytics platform, at scale with multi-genre advanced analytics capability. The software offers easy-to-use, purpose-built user interfaces where users can easily build an end-to-end advanced analytics process; starting from ingesting data to getting actionable business insights-all without writing a single line of code. Vantage Analyst helps telco organizations reduce churn rates in customers, retailers better understand their customers, insurance companies uncover fraud, and healthcare entities provide the best care for their patients.  

Watch this video featuring Michael Riordan, Director of Connected Analytics, as he demonstrates how Vantage Analyst enables its users to take advantage of Vantage integrated data and built-in machine learning analytics capability.