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Powering Customer Journeys across All Channels

Teradata’s Customer Journey Solution

Consider a situation where a customer abandons the shopping cart on a retailer’s website. Solely based on that interaction, the retailer might consider sending the customer a coupon to incentivize transaction completion.

However, if the retailer has insights into this particular customer’s end-to-end journey, and understands that the customer likes to browse online and shop in-store, he will know rushing in with a discount at the time of cart abandonment isn’t necessary, as the customer will likely complete the purchase in-store.

Teradata’s Customer Journey solution combines expertise in data integration, advanced multi-genre analytics, and cross channel orchestration to provide marketers a 360 degree view of their customers, analytical insights to drive and optimize customer journeys, and the ability to execute multi-channel campaigns, powered by real-time decision making.


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  • Access and combine all your customer and marketing data, including real-time digital data, for a 360 degree view of your customers
  • Gain deeper insights about customers and their journeys, through advanced multi-genre analytics, machine learning and real-time analytics
  • Optimize communications/offers based on real-time digital interactions and customer profile data
  • Simulate the impact of planned changes on business and campaign performance
  • Drive improvements in key processes to maximize business performance and marketing ROI
  • Seamlessly connect to and communicate across all channels
  • Create dynamic visualizations and custom dashboards for performance reporting
  • Scale with confidence to run 1000s of campaigns and handle millions of individual customer journeys in real time


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