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When utilities know more about their data, they can do more…

Turn data into knowledge to transform performance, reliability & customer satisfaction


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Power Your Business with Analytics

The Utility industry is changing. New technologies and new demands to optimize and smarten your grid are making analytics more essential to your business than ever. Learn how Teradata makes data pay dividends across the Utility industry, from Load Management and Power Quality to Energy Efficiency and Demand Response. Read More.

Take Control of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

In a changing electric power landscape, Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs are central strategic concerns for any utility. Not only are you confronted with new energy efficiency and load reduction targets set by regulatory bodies - there is also a considerable economic benefit when you can apply analytics to help delay or avert the need to build new budget-busting power plants. Read More.

Energy Efficiency

Build Confidence with Load Management & Power Quality

Drive increases in grid efficiency while assuring customers and regulators of the reliability and availability of their energy with new analytics insight. Learn how data and analytics programs can improve load forecasting, asset management, capacity planning and power quality while reducing generation costs and heading off untimely capital outlays. Learn More.

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Get Ahead of the Curve with Regulatory & Rate Design

Increasing regulatory burdens pose significant threats to profit margins. So, more than ever, utilities need analytics programs to assist in the development of accurate rate designs that meet regulatory requirements and maximize revenue. Learn how to develop capabilities to enable up-to-date data for rate development and detailed reporting. Read More.

Optimize Your Operations and Financial Management

Utility operations and financial management teams are under unrelenting pressure to increase revenue assurance, streamline maintenance costs and reduce unnecessary debt write-offs. Achieving these goals depends on access to end-to-end business insight: from meter-to-cash analyses, service order efficiency, and more. Learn how investments in data and analytics lead to game-changing insights that optimize business value. Read More.

Plan For and Protect Your Greatest Assets: Your People

Today’s utilities are confronted with a unique workforce challenge. By 2020, it is estimated that 18 percent of employees in the Utility industry will be retiring. This prediction prompted the leadership at Xcel Energy to build an ambitious strategy to better plan for their largest asset—human capital. Learn how Xcel Energy is driving workforce management, strategy and planning with analytics to retain, hire and empower its workforce. Read More.

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Marketing Segmentation to EmPOWER Your Customers

Your customers are not all the same. One of the advantages of gathering data about your customers' energy use, geographic location, and demographics is to use it to segment them into groups with similar interests, needs, and lifestyles in order to increase the relevance of—and response to—your communications. Learn how one major international energy company is empowering their marketing – and their consumers. Read More.

Best-of-Breed Data Architecture for Utilities

When integrating data, it’s important to consider how the information from each system, sensor, or meter can be applied to support business objectives. A utility's logical data model enables bi-directional transfer of information between systems and the data warehouse to gain the most advantage from operational data and analytics capabilities.

Webinar: SCANA on Data Driven Business Value


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