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sentient enterprise cityscape

The Sentient Enterprise:
A Revolutionary Approach to Agile Decision Making

Want to know how your business will make agile decisions at scale in the future?

Oliver Ratzesberger and Mohan Sawhney believe that the explosion of data and the continued evolution of analytics capabilities will usher in the next analytics revolution. Their vision for the Sentient Enterprise is a roadmap for a journey that organizations will need to take to stay relevant in the era of automation and self-service. This vision harmonizes analytic power, human capital, processes and technology in ways that have already begun to transform and supercharge what’s possible.

The Sentient Enterprise Overview Video

This vision is a guide for organizations to:

  • Improve data agility
  • Adopt a behavior-centric mindset
  • Foster collaboration
  • Build repeatable processes
  • Use algorithms at a scale

The Sentient Enterprise empowers businesses to be more productive and agile while reducing risk and containing costs. Continuously evolving, it removes information silos and turns businesses into a remarkable single organism based on unprecedented human-machine collaboration.

Listen, Sense and Drive Autonomous Decisions with Data

The Sentient Enterprise can listen to data to sense micro-trends, conduct analysis and make autonomous decisions with little or no human intervention at massive scale in real-time. It can act as one organism without being impeded by information silos. It is always evolving, with emergent intelligence that becomes progressively more sophisticated.

Sentient Enterprise Founders


Oliver Ratzesberger

Executive Vice President
& Chief Product Officer Teradata
Twitter_Logo @ratzesberger


Mohanbir Sawhney

McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology
Clinical Professor of Marketing
Director of the Center for Research in Technology & Innovation
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Twitter @MohanSawhney