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Hospitality & Gaming

Double-Down with Advanced Analytics

Uncover data insights to gain competitive edge, increase guest loyalty, maximize revenue flows, and improve operational efficiencies.


Increase the Odds for Patron Loyalty and Revenue Growth

Delivering unique patron experiences while managing operating costs and profitability is the core of Teradata solutions for gaming organizations. We help leading organizations and Fortune 500 companies improve service to patrons, optimize revenue and reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, achieve greater return on promotions, and better comply with gaming and government regulations.

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Case Studies Show Results

Using Teradata Solutions for Gaming

A leading casino obtains clearer views of customer interests create incentives that encourage customer to visit its properties nationwide

This company can identify its most valuable customers when they arrive and treat them appropriately, increasing its wallet share among gamers from 35% to 43%.

An online travel innovator analyzes detailed customer behavior data on the web to identify interests and preferences. This information helps create targeted promotions to customers. Response rates from millions of personalized emails increased from 1%-2% to 7%.

One of the world's largest airlines consolidated data from 41 sources and uses it for real-time alerts and long-range strategic analysis, allowing differentiated treatment for its highest value customers. Financial forecasting applications help make daily decisions about flight schedules and aircraft. The airline has realized multiple millions in cost savings.

Mine Your Data for Winning Predictions

Never invest on a hunch. Many organizations place their emphasis on data mining tools, while ignoring the analysis process. Yet advanced analytics can be vital to the success of your casino, empowering teams with the means to predict and validate profitable activities based on highly-detailed customer transactions and behaviors.

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The Teradata Difference
What makes Teradata Advanced Analytics solutions so powerful? For starters, we use in-database data mining to overcome the limitations of typical analytics environments and maximize performance and scalability. Our data mining tool - Teradata Warehouse Miner - provides a comprehensive set of data mining functions that enables you to build and deploy analytic models directly in the Teradata Database.

Serve up Better Decisions Using Bigger Analysis

There’s a recipe to build brand loyalty and increase revenue – but it’s no secret. You have to make decisions quickly and accurately, by using our Advanced Analytics for Food Service to transform data into actionable insights. Teradata helps businesses mine their data, then provides a specialized suite of analytics that grows right along with business needs, continually providing critical functionality and analysis needed for rapid decision support.

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Analytic Architecture